Corrupted file in Musescore 4

• Nov 1, 2022 - 16:00

Hello everyone!! The musescore 4 file that I was working on is corrupted. (I'm on windows 11). Can someone help me to fix it?


(This is the file)

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Since you are using an alpha, or beta, or some other experimental version of MuseScore 4, report problems at GitHub as instructed in the version 4 update:
which states (under the Reporting Issues section):
We strongly prefer issues to be reported on GitHub until we release MS4 (this requires a GitHub account):
Alternatively, you can submit any issues you find on our issue tracker:

The latest stable release of MuseScore is found here:

Here's your score:
La noche -maqueta-2.mscz

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Some information from the conversation on the other side of the pond. The file was renamed because, as I understand it, downloading it from OneDrive did not show extension. I tried extracting but only get error line 1 column 1. Apparently the file causes MuseScore to crash (not for me on Linux).

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I have the same problem with Musescore 4. I get an "Open error" modal saying that the file I am trying to open is corrupted. I click on the "Ignore" button and the file opens up seemingly with the latest saved changes and no obvious errors. However, it doesn't feel great to put in a lot of work on a file that maybe is going to be useless later on, or some functionality is not going to work as expected...

hey there,
in musescore 3 corrupted files were those with errors in the score, e.g. copying a five quarter rhythm into a four quarter bar. sometimes there happen some mistakes. in version 3 there was a function called "show corruption information" where it would tell you which bars exactly had mistakes. the error is in the score, not in the programm which is why technically you could find the mistakes if you search long enough. unfortunately, i cannot find that function in version 4 - does somebody know more?

Hello, again with the corrupt file problem, I received your help to recover the file, I worked on it and saved it with another number, but when trying to work on it again, the corrupt file sign appeared, I don't know what happens with this new program with the previous one never had problems.

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I am also getting a "file corrupted" error message with a score I'm working on. The initial version was created by opening in MuseScore a music XML file created by Apple Logic Pro. It did contain a measure that had 6/4 but I fixed that.

I am able to save, re-open, edit, and resave without any obvious problems, but it is disturbing that MuseScore4 reports that the file is corrupted every time I open it.

The "Save a copy" command doesn't help. Closing the file and then opening the new copy also causes a "file is corrupted" error.

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