Instrument sort order

• Oct 30, 2022 - 20:56

I saw there are many forum posts about this subject but didn't see any about my specific question.
I am scoring a rock song. I choose the ROCK instrument sort order. It puts the drums at the top. That seems like an odd placement. In rock scores (if there is a such thing, since most don't know how to write music) do songwriters put the drums at the top? Is that the standard placement of drums. I can't see Lennon/McCartney putting Ringo drums ahead of George's Lead, Lennon's Rhythm and Paul's bass. I realize they didn't know how to notate music, but they must have told whoever what order they want the instruments in the score.
I know this is a small issue, but I am commenting mostly out of curiosity.


No expert in standard ordering practices for any genre, but I do happen to have a Beatles anthology that consistently puts the drums at the bottom, if that answers one of your questions.

No matter what combination of instruments you have in your score, or from a preset-ensemble like string quartet or jazz combo, you can change the order of instruments. Press i to open the instrument dialogue (to add or delete instruments), choose an instrument, and use the arrows on the right to change the order to whatever you want it to be.

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