[solved] Hairpin doesn't work

• Oct 30, 2022 - 04:35

Hairpin doesn't work in this case:

Firstly, the sound, instead of diminishing, stays at the same dynamic/volume/velocity level throughout the whole timespan of hairpin.

Secondly, graphically the hairpin "reuses" to appear between "mf" and "p". Instead, as it can be seen on the photo, the end of hairpin always gets under "p". Why is it so? And how can I fix it?


Select the hairpin, then drag the right end towards the left. At a certain point, it should snap into place next to the piano marking. Right now, the hairpin is set to end on the same note as the ending dynamic, whereas to work properly, it needs to end the note before the ending dynamic.

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Thank you. I did as you said and, at least, graphically the problem was solved: hairpin_02_tied.jpg
However, it is still not reflected in the playback - all the notes still sound equally loud.

Strange, but when I had tried to untie the notes, they started to sound in the playback exactly the way I wanted them to (except as separate notes), that is, each next note was now sounding quieter than the previous one:
Why is it so?
How can I keep them all tied and yet sound according to the hairpin?

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I see. Thank you for this explanation.

Here I have a few follow-up questions then that you (if you will) or others reading this thread may want to answer:

1) So what should I do then? If I want most of the staff to be played in "Violins Fast", do I have to switch to "Violin Fast Expr." by providing the Staff-Text notice (the way it is described here: https://musescore.org/en/node/50196) for only these few notes (and then providing yet another one to switch the staff back to "Violins Fast")?

2) Is there any more or less comprehensive source describing such nitty-gritty differences between such things like "Violins Fast", "Violins Fast Expr.", "Violins2 Fast", "Violins2 Fast Expr.", "Violins Slow", "Violins Slow Expr.", "Violins2 Slow", and "Violins2 Slow Expr."?

3) Are there any conventional ways on when professional musicians choose, say, "Violins Fast" and when they "Violins Fast Expr."? For example, is it like "Expr." types are normally used for playing solo parts while non-"Expr." types are used mostly for multiple-instruments accompaniments?

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You shouldn't be using any non-expr sounds at all for violin, since violin support SND. If you need to change between sounds mid-score, then if the original sound was expr, only change to other expr sounds, and if the original was non-expr (because the instrument in question doesn't support SND), only switch to non-expr.

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