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• Oct 29, 2022 - 05:53


I have downloaded MuseScore 4.0.0, with no previous installation of alpha 4 versions, and all Muse Sound sound founts, two times.

MS 4 works great, as far as I can see, but I can't use Muse Sound, all I see on MS 4 is MS basic.

I use a standard Mac Mini M1 with latest Ios, Ventura 13.0

Is there something I missed? I guess so! So, thank you for your explanation of how to correctly retrieve and install the new Muse Sound resources!



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That's often the best way to quickly enable it for all supported instruments, but it shouldn't be necessary. You should be able to go directly to the mixer to set instruments individually without activating the Muse Sounds "profile" first.

Hard to say what might be going on to prevent it from working here, but do search the issue on GitHub (which is where all feedback on MuseScore 4 is to be reported, as per the announcement) to see if you can find any existing issues with that may shed some light on this.

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I don't have the answer. I can only suggest going to GitHub as request in the beta announcement, search to see what other issues seem similar, see if any workarounds are suggested there, and adding your info to whatever issue seems most similar, opening a new one if your symptoms clearly don't match any existing reports.

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Hi, Marc!!!
Yes, I did it and I installed it.
But... Curiously, I got the old MusE app full replacement, something like a whole new DAW. Up to me, nothing directly related with the Muse Sounds.
In the "Playback options" menu, the "Muse" option is gray (not available).
I use Ubuntu Studio 22.04.1 LTS (64 Bit Linux).
Any idea? ???

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Indeed, that has nothing to do with Muse Hub, so ignore that. I'm not asking about MusE; I'm asking about "Muse Hub", and the sounds it then allows you to install. You say you've installed Muse Hub - great. but did you run it? And when you ran it, did you choose to actually install any sounds? Start Muse Hub again then look at the bottom to see which sounds it says you've installed. If none of them have check marks, it means you never installed any sounds. So do that now. Harp is small and downloads quickly, so maybe try that first.

Here's what you should be seeing when you run Muse Hub:

Screenshot 2022-11-01 7.01.09 PM.png

If you're not seeing that, you're not running Muse Hub.

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Now I can to run "Muse Hub".
The problem is about the app main icon appears inside the "Internet" applications menu list (I would expect it was inside the "Audio" apps menu, "MIDI" sub menu options). Remember, I use Ubuntu Studio 22.04.1 LTS Operating System.
I don't know if this "issue" could be fixed in the future final stable version.

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I've got the View -> Playback setup window, "Muse Sounds" greyed-out & unselectable. I installed MS4 manually on Ubuntu 20.04 and a few weeks later installed Muse Hub. I elected to put the Instruments from Muse Hub into a custom location. I can't find anything in MS4 to "set up" so it knows of my custom Instruments location...

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Without people to help track down issues like this, it's not really likely to the actual release will be any different. The symbolic link definitely worked for me. You might have set it up incorrectly, or something else might be going wrong. My guess if you don't have the libmusesampelr installed where it needs to be though

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It is installed automatically by Muse Hub. Normally it would have gone to /usr/lib on Linux, but this might have been disrupted by trying to pick an alternate install folder. I'd recommend uninstalling Muse Hub, then reinstalling it and this time doing the download to the default location (which of course at this point is a symbolic link to your desired true location). That would help things stay in sync.

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Missing library definitely means the install didn't work. Probably for the reason I stated, and the solution I gave will probably fix it. But if that's not it, just keep in mind, it's not going to fix itself just by waiting. So I understand being burned out right now, but still, you'd be doing yourself and other users a huge favor if you didn't actually wait for the release to resume troubleshooting. Maybe just take a week off then try to solution I gave.

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Hi, Marc!!!
I tested the last MuseScore 4 beta with the "new" Muse Sounds in my computer with Ubuntu Studio 22.04.1 LTS (64 bit) OS.
Simply... AWESOME!!!
But... I found five GREAT problems:
1) The whole Muse Sounds instruments bank (full package download) is about 13GB inside my HDD!!! it is extremely large to me (because my HDD is almost full). I think the team HAS to think about how to decrease the size, WITHOUT to affect the final quality.
2) I found a lot of playback problems (ugly STUTTER) when I used Muse instruments (when I used the standard soundfont, this problem is not present). I guess it is something related with memory buffers (due to the large size of the instruments bank). I don't know if this is a known issue, or just a local issue.
3) I often use the JACK Audio Connections Kit system inside my computer. Musescore 4 Beta doesn't let me the option to use it. I just can to use the "default" audio system (in my case, Pulse Audio). It is not a full relevant issue, I can full hear it, but... Why? ???
4) I don't have any kind of information about the SFZ files system technology, and I don't know if the "new" Muse Sounds is a SFZ system itself, but... I think the proper folder to this whole package should be the "standard" SoundFont folder inside the MuseScore standard main folder. Why is it inside a system folder ("svr" folder)? ???
5) The mixer panel is too large (I just have a typical 1280x1024 pixels monitor) and it is not "dockable". I almost cannot to see the score sometimes. I hope this issue will be fixed when the final stable version will be available. Also, I wonder... If Ubuntu Studio has the capability to have more than one working spaces (or desktops), which one can switch between them with a simple mouse click, Why MuseScore doesn't take advantage of this visual characteristic? We can have the main score on one working space, and the rest of panels on another working spaces. But... Today, we cannot get it. Maybe in the final version? ???
Well, it was my experience.
Greetings and Blessings from Chile.

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I'm glad you're enjoying it!

I kind of doubt there is a way to reduce the size without sacrificing quality. Luckily, disk space is very cheap - a 100GB drive costs only $20 or less. But, you don't need to install all the sounds if you don't plan on using them all.

These aren't SFZ files and they aren't VST files - they are a new format. And it will eventually be possible to share them across multiple applications. I assume that's why they aren't within the MuseScore folder structure.

As far as I know, JACK is indeed not implemented yet. Hopefully in the future.

There is no plan to change the mixer design for the release, but I hear it's something being considered for a future update. I'm not sure what you mean about it not being dockable - it is docked by default, but can be undocked or redocked using the "..." menu.

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I couldn't open it on GitHub.
But, I guess it is something related with the extremely large size of the Muse Sounds, because when I use another soundfont, there is not stutter or something.
Whatever, I think the development team HAS to think about the too bad economical moment of the world, specially in my beautiful country: Chile. Users have to think twice to use a new app which forces them to buy a new more powerful PC (it is not a cheap thing) exclusively to use that new app. And I don't know how much time we will have the today 3.6.2 version available. So...

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Keep in mind, you don't need to use Muse Sounds to enjoy the other benefits of MuseScore 4. So you aren't forced to buy a more powerful computer in order to use MuseScore 4.

FWIW, though, it doesn't have to be a very powerful computer at all to use Muse Sounds - it's considerably less demanding on resources than pretty much anything that comes anywhere close to this level of quality. In fact it's really nothing short of amazing how good it sounds considering it doesn't require a ton of computing resources. I'm not sure what your system specs are, but it could be, just $50 for some more RAM is all you need to spend.

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