Each file opened with Musescore 4 editor opens into a new window (like alt + tab window, not tab)

• Oct 29, 2022 - 03:18
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S5 - Suggestion
by design

1) Open a file in musescore 4
2) Open another file (File -> New/Open/Open Recent...)


Status active by design

This is by design, to facilitate the ability to have different sounds loaded for different scores and quickly switch between them.

> This is by design, to facilitate the ability to have different sounds loaded for different scores and quickly switch between them.

That's fair enough, but then why is there a single tab showing inside the window for the opened file?

Also, if MuseScore is now a multi-windowed app, it needs a Window menu like other apps do, and on MacOS at least needs to support CMD+` window switching.

Agree - this seems to be wasteful of system resources if opening a new, separate instance of MuseScore for each window (as implied by the appearance of a new splash/startup screen for each new window). I understand this 'feature' makes it possible to do certain things, but they're not things I do anyway.

The splash screen won’t show in future updates. But in fact, operating systems can manage multiple instances just fine; there is nothing to worry about in terms of wasting resources. It’s managing a single process that uses much more resources than it otherwise would that is harder.

THANK YOU to all the responders to my query! My mind is at ease, and I'll get on with learning to live with this intended feature.

I'm with the rest asking for an option to open new score in a new tab.

Thanks for the great job you're doing guys!


I love musescore, thank you to all the developers! I really miss the way I could have multiple scores open in different tabs rather than a whole heap of windows. It was super easy to copy and paste between scores...now it seems cumbersome with multiple windows open. But anyway, I wondered if I was doing something wrong but good to know that we just have to get used to this...which i guess we will! :)

Instead of seeing yet another defense of the current design choice, it would be nice to see an admission that there are use cases for opening new tabs instead of new windows for new scores. Clearly, there is a demand for the new score behavior of MuseScore 3.

Not sure what you’re responding to, but for the record, my recent post isn’t a “defense” of anything at all. It’s purely educational: helping someone who apparently was unaware of the simple Alt+Tab shortcut for switching between scores.

No one denies that in an ideal world, it would be possible to support tabs without giving up all the playback advantages of the current system. But so far, no one has found a technical solution to that basic problem of how to have this superior playback system in an application that uses tabs. That’s not likely to change any time soon, and posting here to a closed issue on this long-defunct site won’t help. But I can still do my best to help users use the program as efficiently as possible, by informing them of methods they may be unaware of.