MS4 beta repeat bug

• Oct 29, 2022 - 00:00

I've found a hilarious little bug with repeat playback in MS4 beta. Attached a score demonstrating the issue. The second time the passage is played back, the first note in the top stave is not audible and the notes in the top stave are the wrong pitch in some spots after the half way mark.

It seems like the rendered audio is corrupted after render and before playing.

I don't have a dev environment set up to investigate at the moment, so I can't give more detail.

Questions to still investigate:

  1. Does this happen with other instruments than piano?
  2. Does this happen with single stave instruments?
  3. Etc.

Is this already reported somewhere? If it is, can I get a link to that location?

EDIT: It is working correctly with MuseSounds. So it seems the MS Basic soundfont is somehow causing the issue.

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repeat_bug_test.mscz 89.92 KB


There are a number of issues involving repeat playback already reported, just do a search on GitHub issues. Some are already fixed in the nightlies I think - and your file plays fine for me there. So definitely, we've moved on from the beta at this point as far as testing goes.

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