Link staff (only on certain parts)

• Oct 28, 2022 - 01:53

I would like to know if its possible to have a linked staff (with both treble and bass clefs, for a piano part) in a project of single stafs, that has only a treble clef; and if I have the option, within that same single staff project to edit some bars as ''linked staffs'' with both treble and bass clef for more specific piano parts, without affecting all of the stafs in the project.

I have tried to edit certain specific bars to be linked (with Treble and Bass Clef), but when I do that, the whole project gets changed into a two linked clef (with treble and bass clefs) from start to finish, and that's not what I need. I only need certain bars linked and the rest left alone, single treble clef without the bass clef (for typed chords and slash notation on the rest of those empty single bars.

I know I can have a whole project with two linked stafs for piano and only type the piano parts and leave the rest with slash notation. But, two linked staffs on the whole project, with the bass clef left unused on most of the project, with only typed chords on the top of each bar... that will take way too much space, and a song that could be one or two pages will have way too many pages.

Please help! (I have musescore 3)


If the parts you want to hide are all the parts with no notes and only those, you can right-click the staff, "staff/part properties," and change "hide when empty" to "always".

To be clear though - if you're writing for piano, don't use "linked" staves. That's something else entirely - it's for music like guitar tab where you want literally the same notes on both staves but formatted differently. You just want plain ordinary staves, not linked one. I think what you're called "linked" really just means, the barlines are drawn through both staves and bracket is added.

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