using a synth and piano at same time

• Oct 25, 2022 - 20:39

Hi I need to be able to do one or all of the following with a synth

  1. When I add a stave to a synth part I cant change instruments on just one line. MS will change all 3 lines to say piano or all 3 lines to string synth. I need to be able to just change the top line to string synth and keep the origianl 2 staves on Piano. I know someone said but the piano player only has two hands but in pop scoring this is common. They then need to print all as the keybord part.

  2. Alternativly have two staves and have the notes play both piano and string synth at the same time some combining the two instruments

I know that sibelius can do this and I need if possible to do this on MS

Thanks Mike


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Here's the first few pages. You can change the upper piano line to whatever you want whenever you want to.
I'm not sure I can tell you how I did it. Kind of fiddley. First I deleted all the parts. Then, as Marc said, I added to your score two piano parts. Then I deleted the bass clef of the top piano part. There are other ways, but that was quicker for me. C + P the top line of your three piano lines into the top line of the new piano parts. C + P the bottom two lines of your part into the bottom two lines of the new piano parts. Then delete your three original piano staves ( via the add instruments window). Create all the parts. Close the parts window. This clears it. Open the parts window again and select All Parts. From there select the top piano part. Bottom left window select the second piano part. select the tiny + sign to the right. That makes the three parts into one. If you did it right ( took me several tries) you end up with two piano parts, one of which is all three staves and the other just one part. Delete the single part. I hope there is an easier way. This just shows that it is possible. I've never done this before.

This works for playback and part printout.

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