Beat-based note input

• Oct 24, 2022 - 18:03

Hi all,

I've been testing out Musescore 4 Beta. It's very good, undeniably a beta, but then that is what it is - a beta.

One thing that I have been wanting Musescore to change but hasn't been changed is the note input mode. As of current, notes are entered from left to right. Rests act as a brick wall - it is not possible to place a note at a point within a rest. That is to say, if I wanted to enter a quaver on the 3rd crotchet beat of the bar (by default occupied by a semi-breve rest), with the rest of the bar before it as rests, I would have to manually enter two crotchet rests before entering my quaver. This is a pain, especially with mouse and keyboard.

Other applications, such as Dorico, handle this perfectly. When in "Input" mode in Dorico, a scale appears above the bar, showing the beats of the bar. A note can then be inputted at any point on this scale. This shaves a LOT of time off composing.

With Musescore moving to become a full compositional tool, it seems odd to have it work in a way starkly contrary to the compositional process. Forcing users to enter rests just so that they can then enter a note at a later point in a bar is not particularly conducive to slick working.

This issue has been raised before, namely in this thread:

Is there any chance of this feature being introduced into Musescore? The default note entry mode could stay the same even, with my proposed mode of entry merely being an option.



We are many facing this gap in the MuseScore workflow. You could check my Duration Editor plugin that I made to solve this partially. I hope it helps you.

Please note that this plugin is working for MuseScore 3.x, as MuseScore 4.0 will not provide a huge support for plugins in its initial release.

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