Muse sounds downloaded but how to use them?

• Oct 24, 2022 - 17:41

I've downloaded the Muse sound strings from the Hub, but how do I use them?

In the Mixer the Sound pull down menu shows MS Basic and Soundfonts where I see Aegean Orchestra, Timbers of Heaven, and MS Basic but no sign of the Musesound strings that downloaded.

The sounds downloaded to a default directory (Users/user/Library/Containers/....) but I also copied them to Documents/MuseScore4/Soundfonts where I put Aegean and Timbres.


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Make sure you are using the Beta release of the software itself, not the Alpha or a nightly build. Builds older than the Beta won't work with MuseSounds. Also, copying the sounds to the Soundfonts folder is pointless, as they are not a soundfont. If you still have problems, make sure to tell us what operating system you are using and any other information you can provide that might help.

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