Repeating System Text to other staves?

• Oct 16, 2022 - 01:43

The MU4 manual page templates for all "system" style text elements have this chapter heading - "Repeating System text to other staves." What does it mean?

I first encountered it in Rehearsal marks and just said the marks get repeated in parts. I don't know if you can or would want to repeat them on all staves of a score.

I see geetar had the same question while writing the tempo marks chapter.

The system text chapter skeleton has:
"Repeating system text on other staves #
Automatic via template
Manual: only via staff text?"

Any suggestions?


I believe that is referring to the feature where certain text elements can be set to display on multiple staves. For instance, in a large orchestral score, you may want the tempo text to display above the top staff, but also above another staff halfway down the page for ease of reading. Same for rehearsal marks. Currently the only way to do that is using certain templates that have that functionality built in, but I believe it is planned to have a way to do it manually in the future.

Updated the Rehearsal Mark Page with following text - any further information required at this stage? It goes in tempo marks and system text pages as well.

On most scores the Rehearsal marks are shown above the sytem, that is above (or below) the topmost staff. While the Rehearsal marks are shown on the staff of individual instruments in their part, on the score the Rehearsal marks are usually only shown once.

On scores created with the Symphony Orchestra or Classical Orchestra templates, the rehearsal marks are shown above the topmost staff and repeated down the page before the string section. This is a visual aid to the conductor. Either instance of the mark can be edited and the content updated for both.

If the duplicated marks are desired in other scores they can be input using staff text.

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It's not just those templates, so best to change the wording to say "certain templates (for example, ...)" or the like.

Eventually it is planned to provide a mechanism for the user to set this up in their own scores not created from a template. But we don't need to document that - just mentioning that FYI.

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