Add 3 and 4-piece Conga Instruments

• Oct 12, 2022 - 19:07

I know that MuseScore has High and Low Congas, but in Sibelius there are 3 and 4-piece Conga sets. I'd love for those to be implemented into the next update, if they aren't in already.

If they are, I'd love to know where, because I can't find them.


I don't think General MIDI defines more than 2 congas, which is probably why MuseScore doesn't have any bigger sets by default.
But if you have a soundfont that has those sounds available, then you're of course free to adjust the drumset definition to make use of those additional pitches.

I am not aware of bigger conga sets being (made) available for a future update at the moment. It might be a nice thing to include in a future drum oriented update/extension.

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