Bars on Split Staves

• Oct 11, 2022 - 18:02

In the music below - FIG 23 -27 and FIG 42 -44 the bars are split on 2 different staves.

Can some clever person out there please arrange the layout of this so that those bars are on the one stave please?

I've got to play the piece tommorow Wed 12th and Thursday 13th in workshops!

If you can fix it ..maybe you could tell me how to do it for the next time?
(These things are easy when you know how!)

With many thanks in advance!

Dave x


If you want none of the repeated sections to be split onto 2 different staves, have a look at this:
nagoya re done.mscz

for the system break I used after FIG 1 and the page break to balance the staves on 2 pages, since you'll need 2 pages anyway as all cannot fit on a single page.
to prevent FIG 42 from splitting after FIG 41.

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