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• Oct 8, 2022 - 14:12

When I create a new score, I understand that the wind quartet option under "Chamber Music" in the template file section consists of flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. I am in the process of writing a composition with these insturments, but they do not sound like actual flutes, oboes, clarinets, or bassoons on the audio playback; in fact, they all sound like accordions. Is there anything you can do to change this?

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Expr is correct, don't mess with that. The non-expr sounds are for instruments that don't support single-note dynamics - like piano, that can't crescendo on a single note.

What soundfonts do you see listed listed in View / Synthesizer (on the Fluid and Zerberus tabs)? Should just be MuseScore_General. If you have anything else, either remove it, or at least, move MuseScore_General to the top of the list.

If you continue to have trouble, please make a screen recording and upload it somewhere (like YouTube as unlisted) and post the link here so we can hear what you are hearing. Also try using the solo buttons in the mixer to listen to instruments individually.

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I think you’re just hearing the limitations of what MIDI / Soundfont technology can do. You can try to see if different sound fonts would seem more realistic to you, but ultimately you won’t get much better. Not until MuseScore 4 comes out and you can use the Muse Sounds orchestral library.

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I agree about the accordion like sound. When I listen to each instrument separately, the sound is correct. I think the problem is this combination of instruments. The top five lines are all playing different things in the same octave. I put this into Sibelius and while the sound is a bit better, it still tends to sound like an accordion.
Two things come to mind.
1. Recorded sounds just don't mix the same way live sounds do. All kinds of negative things can happen. Frequencies cancel each other out. Sometimes notes playback what seems to be the wrong pitch. Just all kinds of things.
2. Consider how the sound of clarinets, oboes, and bassoons are made. They are produced by a vibrating reed. How about an accordion? That's right, a vibrating reed.

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you are right, waveforms often times mix in a inpredictable way and compressed samples like mp3 certainly dont improve that. i think the Musescore sf2 version of the soundfont will give a slightly better sound and soundfonts like SymphonicSounds or Sonatina still better.

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