Chord Placement under Stave

• Oct 6, 2022 - 12:16

Mrs._Muriel_Anderson copy.mscz The group that I arrange music for have a preference for having chord symbols UNDER the stave, whereas MuseScore has a position ABOVE the stave by default. I cannot see a setting to change this default under Format>Style>Chord Symbols or anywhere else. Work arounds are possible but very tedious. Am I missing something, or is this a feature that is not supported?


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...or do this after writing the first chord symbol (above). Any other chord is then written below the stave.

Afterwords save this as a style (format / save style) and you may load it later in other sheets or set it as a default style under Edit/Preferences/Score.

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I tried posting this earlier but guess I forgot to save. Anyhow, for the record, the functionality of MuseScore is virtually identical across platforms. The only differences you should see are the normal ones you always see in any application - like using Cmd instead of Ctrl, etc. But if a feature exists on WIndows or Linux, it exists on Mac, and in the same form except for those standard substitutions. i don't think there are any exceptions.

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Note that this will get existing chord symbols, but not new ones. Best to use the "Set as style" button. And then you also don't have to wait until you're done, nor do you need to select all chord symbols.

But the select then change technique is useful for things that don't have a style setting, or where you need to be more selective. Like, for example, in a choral arrangement where you need the vocal dynamics above the staff, but not for other instruments.

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