Adding tremolo's outside of the staff

• Oct 6, 2022 - 07:26

Hey everyone!

For my MUED Class we are copying scores exactly. I'm having an issue with adding tremolo's outside of the staff for this Beethoven piece that I've attached below. Can I get some help please?

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Those aren't tremolos, they're system dividers, used to show where one system ends and the other begins. You can enable them in Format -> Style -> System, then enable both left and right dividers.

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System dividers are not essential. They are useful visual aids to the conductor and are particularly useful when a full orchestral score changes from one system per page (when the whole orchestra is involved) to two or more systems per page (when just the string section is involved, say). But you often find scores without them. My impression is that they tend to be used more frequently in recently published scores than in older ones.

If you are just used to reading tuba parts rather than reading scores you will probably have never encountered them.

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