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• Oct 5, 2022 - 00:59

Version, Revision 3224f34, on a Mac Mini

I am trying to establish single palette mode, and the Handbook for MuseScore 3 > Basics says:

"click the ... button at the top of the workspace and check the Single Palette box."

but there is no ... button other than the ones that transiently appear to the right of the name for each individual palette in the pane, and none of those includes a Single Palette box. The only other ... button I see anywhere in the entire MuseScore window is the one to make a triple-dotted note while entering music. What does "the top of the workspace" refer to?


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Thank you! Your screenshot doesn't look like my situation. My Palettes pane has the title "Palettes" in upper left corner, a Search box immediately below it (where your Add Palettes box appears), and no Add Palettes button or 3 dots button. Double carat and x are in upper right corner, as in your screenshot. Then all the palettes are listed below the dividing line, as in your picture.

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Version number was copied from About MuseScore; Check for updates says "No updates available." Do you remember how the older versions worked, or can one find the older User Guide online?

...current online manual is for all 3.x versions; older manual is for 2.x, but it also references features not visible in my version. I wonder if I should delete, download and reinstall...

--but I'm wondering if I made things disappear by changing some preference somewhere else? I've run into that sort of thing before in MuseScore.

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I'm not entirely sure, but I think I had the same situation on my screen for a brief moment - no three-dot menu after switching from advanced workspace to basic workspace. But I can not reproduce it.
Try this: Temporarily switch to basic mode and then back to advanced mode or vice versa.

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This morning I restarted MuseScore to try the suggestion above, and when it opened, the Palettes pane was already displaying [Add Palettes], [search icon], and [...] buttons!
I found the "Open one palette at a time" and clicked it. All is well.
I now know how to toggle the [Search] box on and off to restore the [Add Palettes] and [...] buttons.

THANKS to everyone for your comments and suggestions!
I'll now try to figure out if this thread can be flagged as 'solved'...

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