Create E-Z Play Music

• Oct 4, 2022 - 03:20

Hi All.

Is there any software/program out therffe that would allow me to create my own type of E-Z Play sheet music/book?

I usually buy them from Hal Leonard, but there are several songs I want in the E-Z Play format that they do not have.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.



Assuming you mean large print, with note names in the heads, MuseScore can do that. Large print - increase staff space size in Format / Page Settings. Note names - right-click a staff, Staff/Part Properties, Advanced Style Properties, then set the notehead scheme.

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Thank You for the info Marc. Yes, that is what I mean by E-Z Play. If a a beginner type music with large print and the note names in the staff. Plus, above the notes they show the proper chord to play. Google "Hal Leonard, E-Z Play" and you can see what I am wanting to do. Hal Leonard does not have the E-Z play song I am wanting to play, so am hoping to be able to create my own E-Z Play to use.

Thanks again.

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