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• Oct 4, 2022 - 03:16

Note entry with keyboard not working - (new laptop) It works fine on my old musescore 2 but not "3"
Thanks for any help. Sandy


Can you be more specific? What exactly doesn't work? By "keyboard" do you mean you computer keyboard, or MIDI? If MIDI, did you remember to connect it and turn it on before starting MuseScore? Does it show in the list under Edit / Preferences / I/O, and is it selected? Is the MIDI input icon enabled on the main toolbar? Does the keyboard have 64-bit drivers (needed for MuseScore 3, which a 64-bit app)? If you mean computer keyboard, can you attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem - what you are selecting before starting input, and then exactly what you press from there?

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HI Marc,
I'm using a piano keyboard attached to my laptop. As I said in my request, note entry from the piano keyboard works fine but the new update of musescore 3 doesn't work with the piano keyboard.
So.. as it turns out under "Note Input," "Enable Keyboard wasn't selected. That solved that issue but when I input notes, the computer plays additional pitches which I didn't play -? Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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The additional notes not played by you may be chord symbols in the score.
where you can uncheck chord play options. (Scroll up to see picture)

If it's not the above...
Posting the score with step-by-step instructions - and also writing "MIDI keyboard", or "piano keyboard"', or "computer keyboard", or "laptop keyboard", instead of simply "keyboard" as you explain your steps - will minimize confusion.

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