unwanted syncopation

• Oct 3, 2022 - 00:59

I laid out a Rossini score that starts in 4/4, switches to 6/8, then back to 4/4. When I play it back, when it gets to the second or third part, the playback is syncopated, although the parts are steady eighths. Reloading the file or restarting the program has no impact. I have the current version of Musescore. I opened a new file, then copy-pasted the music to the new file, and the new file worked fine.


The "Poco piu mosso" text you used is actually a swing marking, which sets the score to playback swung. You should use tempo text or system text for something like that, and adjust the style to be bold if needed.

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The original file indicates that to be system text. I deleted that text, and playback is fine. It did not come back when I reinserted that text as staff text, so I guess that will work. How do I change text size or bold? I guess I did not notice the change earlier since that part was just quarter notes.

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