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• Oct 2, 2022 - 06:49

Could you remind me how to insert phrasing lines after one has written all the notes? I know that if I put them in as I go, I write the first note and press "S", then again after the last note. But I corrected a note and lost the phrase marks.
I have a score which takes up more than one page. I clicked on "single page" view and the score is all on one page But when I export it as pdf document it goes back to two pages. How can I make sure it is only one page as pdf doc?

Many thanks!

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Phrasing line: select the first note, then with Ctrl-LMB the last one an press S.

Page view: The export looks like the 'Page View' - not 'Single Page'.
If a score doesn't fit on one page sometimes I use A3 paper size instead of A4. And at printing the exported PDF the printer settings in the PDF viewer is able to reduce it to fit on a single A4 page.
Alternatively you may reduce under Format / Page Settings the scaling of staff space, e.g. to 1.5mm.

Single page view doesn't make your score small enough to fit on an actual single sheet of paper; it just makes the "virtual" paper displayed on screen tall enough to fit your score. It's still up to you to choose a paper size and staff size to make your score look the way you want. Both controls are in Format / Page Settings. Assuming you want people to be able to print your PDF, best to keep the default paper size but simply make the staff size smaller.

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