Having Trouble with SoundFonts

• Sep 30, 2022 - 00:40

I'm having trouble using this suspended cymbal roll soundfont for this one piece I'm arranging. Every time I add soundfont to the synthesizer it mutes every instrument in the score, as in, I'm not able to hear any other instrument play their part. What do I do?


Please share the cymbal font. So we can experiment. And the score.
But in general, you can have multiple fonts loaded without problem.

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I tried attaching the soundfont but I had problems with doing that, so I copied and pasted the link where I got the sound font from. I also attached the score I was working on. I deleted what few measures I had written because there was no sound being played after I had added the soundfont.

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The Legend.mscz 7.88 KB

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Your score has note notes.
So I added a cymbal line to one of my scores and used your cymbal roll font. It worked for me. I could hear my score and your cymbal sound together.

This score uses the default font and your cymbal. You may need to use the mixer to set your cymbal to it.

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cymbal.mscz 10.45 KB

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