Jump to coda from the middle of a repeat

• Sep 28, 2022 - 17:48

I have a piece of music that repeats to the beginning but then half way through the repeat should jump to a coda. I've put first and second time bars in the middle of the section and they work - the playback jumps to the second time bar on the repeat. However, I want it to jump to the coda immediately after the second time bar, not at the end of the repeated section. I've tried putting a 'To Coda' jump at the end of the second time bar, and a Coda tag at the beginning of the coda, but that doesn't work - the playback just continues after the second time bar and doesn't jump.

I'd be grateful for any ideas please.

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You want a D.S. al Coda, not a repeat bar. Take the end repeat barline out and drag in a D.S. al Coda text object from the Repeats & Jumps palette. Replace the beginning repeat barline with the symbol from the same palette that looks like a squiggly X and is labeled "Segno". Then the "To Coda" instruction should work.

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Yes, you are right. We need a segno at measure 5 and a 'D.S. al Coda' at measure 42 without the repeat bar lines at m. 5 and m. 42. But that is not all:
The two bars 18 and 19 are not played as intended. In my understanding it should be played in this way: bar 1 to measure 41 without m. 19, then jump to m. 5, then play to m. 17 then m. 19 and jump to the coda.
In my opinion the two voltas should be deleted and m. 19 should be moved to the beginning of the coda block before m. 42. The 'To Coda' must then be set at m. 17 (before the 1. volta in original file) and the newly inserted measure gets the coda marker. The old measure 19 must be removed. See attached file.
I hope, this was intended by Dr M J Walker ...

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