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• Sep 28, 2022 - 16:36

I have four systems on my page: treble, bass, and another harmony treble in each system.
I want to label the first A, the next B, the third A and the fourth B.
I cannot find any text input that allows input to the left of my work.
I tried putting A in the second line of the instrument label, and it worked for the first system, but when I try to do it again in the second system, I cannot replace the A with B.

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advice via email said - try rehearsal marks.
I did try that and see that I have the same problem as I did when I explored this angle while creating the score. I tried to move the text box to my intended location while it was still active.
This time I clicked elsewhere and then moved it to a new location - and it worked perfectly!!
Thanks SO much. When my accordion teacher and I have it perfected, I'll share it at your museScore site.

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