Musecore 4 File Corrupted

• Sep 28, 2022 - 03:17

If you are reading this, I hope you are doing well
One fine morning I opened my score and it read, "(File Name) is corrupted" I clicked ignore thinking it would load back my score, but it failed, just the normal screen you have when your score is shown, but there was no score, just an empty box. The previous night when I transported documents from Musecore 3 to Musecore 4 (Alpha Version), I made edits to my score, and they are gone, my entire progress is gone.
I went back to the old version, and it did not let me because I made an edit on a newer version and to "refer to the website for more information" or something. But the starting screen, when I search up my score, I see the notes, I see the things I worked on, it's just corrupted, it is there, mocking me.
I do realize it is my fault for working on it in an "experimental version", but I would highly appreciate if there were something that can be done, thanks y'all!
*Attached is my score, if it is visible, let me know, Thanks!

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Nothing wrong with trying experimental builds, but are you saying you saved over the MuseScore 3 version rather than saving it as a new copy? That's something you'll want to avoid even when MuseScore 4 isn't experimental anymore - best to keep the original MuseScore 3 version in the future, justg in case you have any other reason to need to access it in MuseScore 3.

Meanwhile, you don't say what OS you are on, but if it's Windows, unless you disabled OneDrive, that's always the easy way to get back previous versions of any file.

But in this case, it's not so bad. An MSCZ file is just a ZIP archive containing the actual score (MSCX) and other miscellaneous files. When I extracted the MSCX file, opened it, and saved it again as MSCZ, it worked fine. Not sure if anything was lost, but anyhow, here's something.

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