Musescore 4 compatibility

• Sep 27, 2022 - 14:19

Is my understanding correct that Musescore 4 will not be able to edit existing scores created in Musescore 3 ?


No, it is the other way round: MuseScore 3 won't be able to open/edit MuseScore 4 files
Same as with MuseScore 3 and 2, and before that with 2 and 1

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As that is true, is there some other way that Musescore 4 can write a Musescore 3 score file? I've looked at Export and the list of possibilities does not include what I want. It would be unfortunate if it were not possible, because I have sent a file to a Musescore 3 user who cannot open it and they cannot upgrade to 3 because they're on a previous version of Windows on which Musescore 4 cannot run.

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