How do I export sheet music to musicxml and midi? Possible to do on old outdated Chromebook?

• Sep 26, 2022 - 16:41

I have an older Chromebook and don't see any file option or anything on the musecscore website.. so can't export? I'm assuming it is because I'm not on a windows computer?

Also is there a way to practice the sheet music learning app style.. in other words where I can connect my midi keyboard and a highlighter will bounce to next note after I get current note correct so I can learn the sheet music???

If not, everybody email them and demand they add that feature 👍


On the .COM website? Click on Download for options. If you can't see the download button or it doesn't work then your browser is out of date or missing some feature(s).

Are you talking about using the commercial score-sharing website, or about using MuseScore, the free and open source music notation program you run on your computer?

For questions about the commercial score-sharing website,. best to go over there to that website. But, I can tell you, a website is a website, works exactly the same on my Chromebook as on my WIndows computer. If you have an account on that website and are logged in, you can download scores using the download button, regardless of what OS you are on. Again, for further questions about that website, best to ask over there.

Meanwhile, MuseScore itself - the free and open source music notation software - does run on Chromebooks, if the Chromebook has Linux apps enabled. Some very old Chromebooks might not support that. But for most Chromebooks produced within the last 5 years or so, you can install and run MuseScore quite successfully. See… for instructions

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