Instrument additions for musescore 4

• Sep 25, 2022 - 17:42

Need more than 2 notes for woodblocks, there are usually 5 which would be preferred
Suspended cymbals would be a great addition as well
Slapstick/clapper (the ones used in sleigh ride, etc.)
Maybe more than 1 note on automobile brake drums?

I know some of these may be niche requests but the first 2 seem to be the most useful for a lot of people.


I'm not sure what additional percussion instruments Muse Sounds will bring to MuseScore 4, but no need to wait for MuseScore 4 to have additional sounds - MuseScore 3 already allows you to download and use third party soundfonts. Even though the sounds you mention are not part of the General MIDI standard and thus are not in standards-compliant soundfonts like the one that comes with MuseScore, no doubt plenty of people have built percussion-specific soundfonts with those sounds. You just need to search for them. See the Handbook section on soundfonts for more info.

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