Sill unusually large measures, just a couple

• Sep 25, 2022 - 17:35

m57 is the biggest culprit. I've done the following:
1. remove system breaks
2. decrease layout stretch till it wouldn't decrease any more
3. click into a chord and hit the space bar throughout the entire score

this seemed to fix things for a while, then when I re-displayed the acoustic guitar line it made this measure really big. I repeated #3 for both vocal & acoustic guitar, and looked at the other hidden parts, none of which has enough content in that measure to explain this huge stretch. I re-hid acoustic guitar, closed & re-opened the score, and the problem persists. Am I missing something else? Is there another trick I can use on this measure?

I can live with it, but it's sloppy and I like my work to be neat.

thanks in advance.


You have a leading space of 50 set on a lot of the notes immediately after the large gap. You can fix it by
1. selecting everything starting on that beat by clicking on the note immediately after the gap in the top staff, and SHIFT+clickin on the corresponding note in the botom stave.
2. Press the [Notes] button at the bottom of the inspector
3. Reset the leading space by pressing the circular arrow next to that setting in the [Segment] section.

Normally that leading space wouldn't be there - must be the result of something you did. Either you were fiddling with that setting (trying to figure out what it did (!), or maybe you accidentally dragged a note around in editor mode. Normally dragging is not recommended for anything in MuseScore, but sometimes people use drag as a way of navigating through their scores before they figure out the scroll wheel or equivalent touch gesture is much simpler and more efficient...

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