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• Sep 24, 2022 - 16:35

Choosing recorders. All recorders do 'Not' sound an octave higher than written. Please get rid of the 8 above the clef sign. (treble) This is not at all correct for base recorders. Let us chose to add the 8, if necessary, and in the correct location. If you start entering notes and miss noticing the little 8, you end up with extra work correcting things. It is not an appropriate addition. As far as that goes none of the 8s in other instruments are necessary, except for play back in MS. Let us add the 8 if necessary and then make invisible, then things will sound correct, but not have completely unnecessary marks for the score/parts. A conductor does not need to know and the performers already know their instrument sounds higher/lower and by what value, than written. Please end this marking as automatic! (I hope this can still be eliminated from MS 4, if not already done so!)


Hhhmm strange. I made a sample score with normal flute, (soprano) recorder and piano, and i clearly hear that the recorder sounds one octave higher than the flute or the piano.

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Thanks for the thought.
Sorry, I am not sure what you are offering. The soprano recorder 'is' one of the instruments that does sound an octave higher. You heard exactly what should be. Try the same thing with alto or tenor recorder. You will hear the same thing and that is Wrong! Unless you change the 8 in the clef. An unnecessary addition. Thanks again.

In case you're not aware: Control+UP or Control+DOWN transposes an entire passage an octave up or down. So if you overlook a 8va, the mistake should be fixed in very short time.

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Thanks jundurg
If I did know I have forgotten from lack of use. So, do I control+up first and then change the clef sign or change the clef sign then control up/down, whatever. Sounds like it's going to be more than just a short time for something that is not necessary in the first place. But, it is definitely an option. Thanks again!

I notice that there is no octave clef displayed for alto and tenor recorders.

Seems to me that if players already know what octave they play in, then writers should also.

Conductors absolutely need to have the same information in their score as players do.

So because players already know what octave they play in, I guess we don't need a clef sign at all. Or a time signature, since we can tell from note values.

Sure, there are some things that could be improved.

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You can chose recorder from 'chose instruments' and get no 8? I would like to know how you do that!! If you really need to go extreme with your comments....I wonder what the cello, bassoon sound like in your work when their parts are in tenor clef? Guess you are right they just know it! Right!?

Personally, I'm really glad that muse score (unlike sibelius) plays clefs with 8s in the correct octave and also repitches the octave if the clef is replaced by the same type without an 8... It's not such a big deal to change the clef, if needed, I think. A tenor for example is not an "transposing instrument" so that it needs the 8 below.

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Thanks for your thought.
I do not know sibelius. It will not play the correct octave if an 8 is added? Sounds very odd. As I think you are mentioning the tenor recorder does not need an 8 in the score to sound the correct note, but as I am saying if you chose the recorder in the 'chose instrument' you get the 8 anyway and the sound in playback 'is' wrong. So, why put it there. Let us add the 8 if necessary( for playback only)

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Maybe I'm missunderstanding you: In Wikipedia for example, the soprano recorder is notated with an 8 above the clef, since it's not a transposing instrument. Also: If you notate c4 in musescore, c5 sounds. If you don't want the 8, you could just change the clef and then add a transposition inside the staff settings.

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Sorry, soprano is not the problem. Try alto or tenor. They should not sound and octave higher. Look at the comment from kuwitt. It says the 8's are not necessary! This is all I was trying to make clear. The only need for the 8 is for playback in MS. Thanks for the thought.

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Thanks! That is not what someone else implied. I do not know sibelius. That is the way things should be, but I am not sure MS will. I Will look for 'all instruments' window. In 'chose instruments' you only get recorder...and an 8. Thank you. I still have many more movements to copy.

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Thanks for the link. It states exactly what I am saying. The use of the 8 is understood by the player and 'Not' needed in the score. For playback an 8 could be added and made invisible and not be printed in the score for no reason.

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