Divide words when pasting lyrics.

• Sep 23, 2022 - 12:55

I often copy lyrics from somewhere else and paste it into the score. But if a word contains more syllables, I would like to be able to divide the words on the go. Like if I just pasted the word "family" on a score, I would like to write in the dividing symbol, fa-mily, and the next two syllables, "mily" should move to the next score. On the next score I now type in af new divider mi-ly, and ly moves on to the next score. Now I can type control+v and paste the next word to the correct score.

I could be an option to type control and the divider-symbol "-", like control and space, is used when inserting an space, without moving to the next score. But it would be more easy, if it is possible to just type the dividing symbol.


I really like this feature request.

It would benice, if there wouldbe possible to split words inlyrics.

Icreated ilustration, to be more clear:

This is stratpoint, cursor in middle of the word

Current behaviour is, If I press "space", word is left as it was and cursor gous to next note

Suggestion is, if I press some combination (f.ex. Ctrl + Shift + Space), word would be split into two words

Or if I press f.ex. "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "-", word is split by hyphen

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Current behavior is if you move the cursor to the end of the word, then delete the unwanted syllable Hit the space bar or "-" then retype the deleted syllable.
This works even if you have lyrics in C+P. It is possible to C+P a word you forgot to divide, skip to the next note and continue to C+P. then go back and fix the word.
FWIW, "family"is a 3 syllable word, fam-i-ly.

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All I'm saying is that if I am doing C+P from a properly prepared text file, corrections aren't as likely to be needed.
It would be nice to be able to edit lyrics just like regular text. No special key needed.
Place the cursor after "fam", hit the space or hyphen key and "ily" is moved to the next note. If there are already lyrics on the next note, that, of course , is a problem.

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