How to sync MuseScore with a DAW

• Sep 23, 2022 - 02:51

Thank you for the quick reply.
I’m using Windows 10 64bit, with my DAW, Samplitude Pro x7 suite.
I thought MTC (or just regular midi time code) would be the best way to sync the transport, the same as a sequencer or other external devices.
I am new to JACK, and the only devices that were available were my interface, RME Madiface, (for audio). The RME doesn’t have midi
built in, so I am using an UNO usb interface for midi. Using the loop midi software, I have been able to use my DAW VSTi, so the DAW is receiving midi from MuseScore.
But the transport functions will not respond either way, after trying multiple settings in all devices (repeatedly in most cases).

I gather from your reply that I should be using JACK audio, and not necessarily JACK midi?
I followed an old tutorial where someone was triggering their DAW and MuseScore transport simultaneously from a midi keyboard using JACK midi.
So I attempted that procedure. However, unlike the tutorial, none of my midi devices or MuseScore would show up in the connection panel (now referred to as “patch bay”).
So, that’s where I am with this. Again, all I really want to do is sync my DAW and MuseScore by hitting play, from either device.
That would be incredibly helpful to me if it’s possible.
Thank you!


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