musescore on an Apple M2 chip?

• Sep 22, 2022 - 17:37

I'm trying to get musescore running on my new macbook pro, but no way!
Tells me to check my internet connection because he can't find any updates! After I downloaded the latest version!! And while of course I do have an internet connection!!

Anyone else experiencing this?


Well, there haven't been any updates for MuseScore in over a year, so if you've installed the software at all, it's correct that there is nothing to update to. Just download the DMG installer then run it normally - you shouldn't need to be online to install after downloading the installee. There is no native M2 or M1 version, but the standard Intel version should work fine under Rosetta as far as I know - it did for M1 anyhow.

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Are you saying you are still having a problem? If so, please tell exactly what you are doing - step by step - and at which step something goes wrong. Should be something like this:

1) open your favorite web browser
2) go to
3) click Download / Software
4) click "Download for Mac"
5) save the DMG file to your desktop or whatever you like to save DMG downloads
6) double-click the DMG file to install it
7) follow any prompts
8) run MuseScore once the installation is finished

I don't know the process if Rosetta is involved, though, could be you need to do something other than just double-click the DMG file

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