Question about uploading all the formats (or not) available to the community for downloads

• Sep 19, 2022 - 22:38

I am finally ready to upload some of the brass arrangements I've done in MuseScore but have a question:

I know that when I downloaded scores, there are multiple options as far as formats (MIDI, PDF, etc.) but with the upload button, it only says to upload MuseScore formatted scores. I have mscz and pdf versions of my stuff. Do I need to worry about the other formats that are available for the community to download for each tune, or are those somehow automated or done behind the scenes by volunteers, etc.?

Thank you.


The server auto-generates those formats using the export functionality built-in to MuseScore. You can use File > Export locally to get similar results. The biggest difference being the server does not have access to all custom text fonts you may have used.

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