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• Sep 18, 2022 - 04:51


Thank you so much for this plugin, I believe it's due time for this to be a native option on Musescore.

I'm able to input dynamics across different notes and separate instruments, but on linked systems like the piano when I try to set a dynamic on the left hand it just goes to the right hand (top staff). The louder or softer scripts are working correctly in this case.

Windows 10, Musescore 3.6.2

I read that there is a playback problem on your plug-in due to MS 4+.
(See limitation note at bottom)
Using MS 4.2.1, to change the dynamic “playback”, try changing the .subtype data field of the DYNAMIC element. It works for me. For instance, put a 10 in the subtype( for ff). The 10 is based on the DYN_LIST found in the src/engraving/dom/dynamic.cpp file. (Assuming first entry is 0, subsequent entries increase by 1).

After I put a 10 in the field*, the sound was loud ( prior dynamic was p). Also, function .subtypeName() now shows ff. The .text description isn’t changed so that will have to be done separately.

Please try it and confirm.

* Although I had a startCmd and endCmd block around the subtype setting, I needed to save the file, close it then reopen it, at first. Then it worked. Getting around saving it needs to be looked at.

After changing subtype to 10, console.log out of subtypeName and then changing velocity to 112, it seems to work without saving. Changing only the velocity previously didn’t work for me. Both subtype name and velocity seem to need to be changed for playback to work. (Likely that they need to both correspond to the same table values or they fail an internal error check).

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Hi TDYama, thank you very much for sharing the useful info with us! It looks promising.

It seems however, a velocity plugin may not be as useful in ms4 as in ms3. ms4 now has 2 systems that affect the final playback loudenss of notes, the classic ms3 system that works with soundfont which is mainly based on the Velocity property, and the new system that works with VST3 / MuseSound where Velocity property is MIDIVelocity only. I do not have MuseSound installed so I cannot do test run.

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You are correct that MuseSounds only can use a fixed predetermined velocity from the standard dynamic symbol table. The basic sounds can use velocity + userVelocity offset (0 is 64). MuseSounds doesn’t use UserVelocity. Using basic sounds, you can offset from them using Preferences. The .subtype change helps switch from one standard dynamic (like p to mf). From there, userVelocity can be used. ( I think userVelocity is incorrectly exported when unselecting midi.) It is slow to use through Preferences. The designers have said there will be an overhaul of the system so we will likely have to wait and see. The v3 option to change the default velocity for a given dynamic symbol is also planned.

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