How to ignore all dynamics/velocities during playback?

• Sep 17, 2022 - 15:24

I'm using Musescore for practicing my voice in a choir, which is very handy, especially when I can find the sheet music already done on But the sheet music often have dynamics/velocities in them (p, mf, f, etc) and crescendos, and so on. This is very good when listening, but can be a bit annoying when practicing, because I want to hear my voice the same volume regardless.

Is there a way to have the playback completely ignore all the dynamics during playback, without actually editing the dynamics? There apparently is a way to for example change the velocity of the p-dynamic, but doing it that way would mean I'd have to actually edit every single dynamic of every single score I download for practice, which would be quite a hassle...

So, any way to get Musescore to just play all notes with the same volume, regardless of what the sheet music says?


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