Improve the I/O (Input/Output) recognition feature

• Sep 17, 2022 - 08:01

Right now it is a nightmare to use the I/O feature on Musecore, at least for me, when I am constantly switching output devices. I haven't tested input devices but I reckon the same request should apply.

  1. Ideal behavior:
    Whenever a new output is plugged into the computer, Musescore should recognize it instantly and start playing to that output.

    • The potential outputs are: headphones, bluetooth speakers/headsets, USB-based outputs (MIDI keyboards, USB headphones etc.)
    • With a desktop, you may also have back and front jacks for sound outputs. All of them should be recognized by Musescore instantly.

Currently with Windows Sounds system, the sound play seamlessly through the new outputs the moment they are inserted. Could we have the same behavior in Musescore?

  1. Less Ideal Behavior: (If the above is not possible)
    When a new output is inserted, Musescore pops up and asks if we want to switch to the new output.

  2. Less than Less Than Ideal Behavior:
    When a new output is inserted, the user goes to Edit - Preferences - I/O and press Restart Audio and MIDI devices and Musescore should switch to the new output.

  3. Current Behavior:
    The user goes to Edit - Preferences - I/O and press Restart Audio and MIDI devices, but that doesn't do anything by itself. If the user now clicks the Device drop-down, the new output source is not automatically detected! The user must go to API drop list, choose another option (for example switch from MME to Windows Direct Sound). Only now the new output is showed -- HD Audio 2nd Output in the photo below.

Alternative Request (if the above are not granted):
The I/O settings are tuck away too far! We have to click 3 times to get to it. Allow the user to set a keyboard shortcut to toggle sound I/O on the fly, or add sound I/O to the top (advanced edit) bar.


Same or similar problem here. New hp computer, Windows 11, Musescore 3.6.2 freshly installed. If I plug in headphones after launching MS the audio system ceases to work. The play button tries to play but does nothing, but it can be unclicked. However, if I make the mistake of selecting a note, the program hangs and must be killed and restarted. I have to remember to "restart audio and midi" every time, which corrects it. Same problem when I unplug the headphones. The "ideal behavior" suggested in the original post would be awesome. I've never had this problem previously and it's quite frustrating since I frequently have the headphones in and out. I'm hoping for a solution.

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