MuseScore always creates a /MuseScore4/Scores directory in Documents

• Sep 16, 2022 - 03:23
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Despite having changed the folder preferences, a MuseScore4 folder containing an empty Scores folder is created each time on startup.

Environment: Linux (Fedora 36)
Version: MuseScore 4 Alpha 2 (AppImage)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download MuseScore
2. Run the AppImage
3. Change the folder preferences
4. Delete the MuseScore4 folder created during the first startup
5. Close and open MuseScore again
6. Notice that a MuseScore4 folder was created in the default location

Update: Tested it and the same issue happens on the nightly build. Though in that case it's also worth noting that the Scores entry in folder preferences was blank by default (while the other folder options were filled in with the default location).


Can confirm this behaviour for the stable MuseScore-4.0 version built and installed on a Linux Slackware system. On MuseScore-3 I've been using a ~/.MuseScore3/ folder with subfolders for scores, soundfonts and so on. Doing the same for MuseScore-4 works just fine, except that now a new ~/Documents/MuseScore4 folder is created at every startup. Most annoying. After all, these folders and their content are no documents proper.

When hitting Diagnostic > System > Show paths, the UserDataPath is set to /home/>user>/Documents/MuseScore4. No clue to where this is stored or how to change it.
As a workaround till this is properly solved, I've created a bin script for starting MuseScore that deletes the offending folder on exit with the following content:

# A script for MuseScore that deletes the ~/Documents/MuseScore4 folder on exit.
rm -r /home/kgha/Documents/MuseScore4

Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion
Reported version 4.x-dev  

This is the case ever since and by design, getting it changed therefore is a feature request AKA suggestion

The code explicitly creates those directories and not by accident. Was the case in MuseScore 1 already and probably before too.
Ant it creates them on first start, so before you have the chance to change this in Preferences

This did not happen om Musescore-3.6.2 (nor on earlier 3.x versions). After choosing an alternative folder for scores, no folder was ever created in ~/Documents
And I'm 100% certain. After trying out the rather buggy 4.0.0 I reverted to 3.6.2 - no Musescore folder created in ~/Documents.
After installing 4.0.1 the folder is created again, at every startup, despite having chosed another path to scores in preferences.

I just tried, I renamed ~/Documents/MuseScore3 and started MuseScore 3.6.2: a new ~/Documents/MuseScore3
Did the same with MuseScore 2.3.2, same result
Did the same with 1.3 and stand corrected, not ever since, but ever since MuseScore 2

Regression No Yes
Severity S5 - Suggestion S4 - Minor
Fix version 4.0.0

Hold on, all by my Mu1 use the default directory in Preferences...
So OK, it is a bug and 4.0 regression

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I'm seeing the seem behavior consistently on Manjaro Linux (using the version from the Arch repos) -- even when I change the folders in Preferences -> General -> Folders, Musescore still creates a folder called "MuseScore4" in my home directory with "Scores" and "Cloud Scores", even when I've explicitly set the Scores directory to be a different folder.

I reported this a while back. Answer i got was a icloud not syncing properly .. haaaa 🤔
Glad others are reporting this do not losing my mind 👍

Frequency Few Many
Regression Yes No

I'm glad other people are seeing this. Any timeline on a fix? This is especially messing me up with Cloud Scores. I can set a custom path for locally-saved scores, but all my Cloud Score local backups are going to the rogue Musescore 4 folder, which is 100% not where I want it. I need to be able to save my cloud scores (and my Musescore files in general) to a specific folder for backup and syncing purposes.

a workaround is to create a symlink in your $HOME to where you've place MuseScore4.
In my case I have it in "Documents" so:

  1. open terminal
  2. type: ln -s Documents/MuseScore4

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Regression No Yes
Workaround Yes No

I can confirm the issue, 100% reproducible on Linux (set all directories in Settings -> Folders to a location outside if ~/documents, close MuseScore 4, delete ~/documents/MuseScore4, open MuseScore 4, observe that ~/documents/MuseScore4 has been recreated).

I would like to challenge that

(a) This is a regression. It is possible to configure MuseScore3 to not create the directory in an unwanted location.

(b) There is no workaround. I don't want ANY application to craete ANYTHING in ~/documents that I didn't ask for. There's no workaround for that. Creating Symlinks or non-readable directories still clutters up ~/documents/ with unwanted garbage.

(c) It seems this issue is 100'% reproducible for everybody. The frequency should reflect that.

Regression Yes No
Workaround No Yes
  1. It isn't a regression as this behavoir existed in MuseScore ever since
  2. The workaround is describe just above your post. You may not like it, but that's not the point
  3. Reproducibility Alwasy does reflect this already

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Not a regression? In January you confirmed that it was?

The workaround suggested by antonioleal is really not much of a workaround if what's nagging you is the directory in /Documents - it will still be there.
An alternative (if you have set up another directory in Preferences>General>Folders) is this:

The script can be amended so that it also deletes the files created in /tmp and remain there after closing down MuseScore.