How to enter finger sliding in violin scores?

• Sep 13, 2022 - 04:11

A little skill in violin playing is finger sliding on a string. Please see the attachment of a page from an old book, sorry for the poor image. The curved arrow on the first violin stave is the indication to slide your (2nd here) finger to the note. This is a little skill, but with impressive effect. Therefore it is important for violin playing.

I could not find the right method to enter it. Please help. Thanks.


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Violin finger sliding.pdf 2.74 MB


I don't think that arrow symbol is part of SMuFL (the music font standard) yet; at least it didn't show up when looking for "arrow" or under "String techniques" in the master palette.

As for the playback effect, you might have some use in adding a glissando in between those notes; make sure it is set to portamento playback style and then mark it invisible.

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