Cannot remove silences from a score

• Sep 11, 2022 - 08:27

Mac OS Monterrey 12.5.1
Musescore 4.0.0

In the score enclosed, under measure 24 there are 4 silences that I can move but that I cannot delete. When moving them, the layout of the score changes. Some of them can only be moved vertically. Others can move freely. I'm doing probably something wrong, but I cannot get rid of these silences. Any help would be appreciated.


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But the question is : where are these rests coming from ? All the measures in the score are complete with notes or rests, so where are these rests coming from ? From some removed measure ?

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Thanks for the reply. I am afraid that I did not know the voices concept in Musescore. I don't know how I managed to enter notes on a different voice, but independently of this I have solved my problem and I have learned a lit bit. Thanks Jojo-Schmitz and HildeK !

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The normal input mode automatically is in voice 1. Even if you need an accord you can use only voice 1 but only if the accord notes have the same duration (quarter, half notes etc.).

Sometimes one needs for the accords different note durations. Or e.g. 1. trumpet and 2. trumpet are written in the same staff and have a diffent rhythm. Then it is necessary to set them in different voices. This is typically used in a drumset staff: base and snare are predefined in different voices.
The input of voice 2, 3 or 4 is done by starting the note input mode an then press the desired voice button (left beside the concert pitch button).
If you have notes in voices 2, 3 or 4 but no one in voice 1 then there are rests of voice 1 shown - but not vice versa. That happens in your score.

Notes in voices have a specific color if they are selected. Voice 1 is blue, 2 is green, 3 is red and 4 is pink.
See the attached figure.
In bar 1, the first beat's notes have the same duration, so they can be entered by pressing C, Shift-G, and Shift-E - in Voice 1 only. The same in the second beat - pressing A, Shift-C and Shift-E.

In the second bar I used all four voices with a mix of different durations. This is only possible when using different voices. (Here: all E's in voice 1, all G's in 2, the C's in 3 and the upper E's in voice 4).


Perhaps you've learned a bit more :-).

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