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• Sep 8, 2022 - 17:15

I am creating 'SATB Closed Score' sheet music and I am having some difficulties aligning the lyrics. As you can see in the sample picture below, I have one lyrics for all four parts. I have to select a note from one specific part to enter lyrics mode. The lyrics are thus aligned with that specific part. Any suggestions on how to centre the lyrics between two staffs?

I have tried to manually change it (Format -> Style... -> Lyrics -> Position below) but it doesn't work (am I missing something?). Is there a better way? Can I somehow tell MuseScore that lyrics are for all parts and need to be aligned differently?

I am grateful for any help!


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There's no automatic centering, more just a matter of picking an offset that works out that way. You can also choose settings for staff spacing that work with whatever the lyrics offset is. If you attach your actual score instead of just a picture, and decide if you want to achieve centering my the lyrics lower, staves closer together, or both, we can advise further.

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It's a bit complicated since there are different numbers of verses on different systems, thus complicating any effort to find settings that center on all systems. Also, you've complicated it further by placing the lyrics bove the second staff instead of below the first where they would normally go. Same visual appearance of course, but the way the algorithm and settings work, it's easier to work with the standard way.

But, you could try disabling vertical justification of staves in Format / Style / Page and setting grand staff distance to 10sp, which gives you a more consistent starting place. Then use a fixed spacer from the Breaks & Spacers to control the spacing on systems where this results in the lyrics too close the top staff. Actually the spacer could work even without first increase the staff distance, but you'd probably need more of them. With the style change I mention, most of the systems look close to centered already.

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