Looking for testers for my extension of the Batch Convert plugin

• Sep 8, 2022 - 11:37


I made several enhancements in the Batch Convert plugin:
* New possibility to filter the files to convert (already merged and available in the official plugin)
* Export the files in a folder structure based on the score properties. E.g. export the scores of John Coltrane pieces in a "john coltrane" subfolder.
* Improved workflow: it is no longer required to select the import and export folders at every selection
* Preview button, handy to fine tune the filter option and the folder structure.


Download and more info on my batch_export page on github.

For now, there are two known issue:
* if a file does not have a property required by the folder structure (e.g. in my above-mentioned example with "John Coltrane", a file not defining the "Composer" property), the plugin is not able to create the default folder (being "unspecified/"). It really puzzles me why it fails at creating a folder in such case.

  • the translations are not done

If anyone could test it, I'll appreciate it. Especially the "folder structure" feature which relies on platform specific code and that I could only test in my window environment. Thanks!

For now, it will remain an unofficial version, due to that platform-specific code. To be discussed Jojo-Schmitz, maintainer of the official plugin. I've also filled two Change Request in order to get rid of that platform-specific code (1,2), but the Musescore team has higher priorities than the Plugin API.


Jojo-Schmitz please, not Jojo-Smith (even if most pobably the later would be my name had I migrated to the US in the 18th century, due to the migration officers on Ellis Island just changing it)

Edit: now fixed above ;-)

No one ?
At least a basic test on a Mac or Linux system to check if the creation of folders is working correctly.
What you need is a Score with composer (e.g.) defined in its properties. Then using my Batch Convert plugin. Define an Export Structure such as "%COMPOSER%", and the do the conversion.
A subfolder should be created with the composer's name and the exports should be placed in that subfolder.
Thanks !!


I released my version of the batch_export plugin.
Now internationalized(*) and tested under Linux.
For anyone interested.
Rem: This still requires MuseScore 3.x !!
I saw that Jojo-Schmitz ported the original version to MuseScore 4.0. I will merge this into my fork. And then we could discuss about merging my version into the Jojo's version.

(*) At least French is done, and released. The other ones are not done.

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