QML notes on WebEngine

Updated 7 months ago

Versions that support WebEngine and WebChannel

  • Origin of WebEngine module library inclusion dates back to MuseScore Connect
  • Musescore 3.6.2 for Windows has WebEngine (and WebChannel) support. Not on Linux and Mac versions.
  • Musescore 4.0 (all platform) uses OAuth. WebEngine support removed Jun2021, see github

Right click issue

  • It seems WebEngineView unifies left and right mouse button to one event (simplified to a simulated tap?)
  • To disable its context menu upon right mouse button use:
WebEngineView {
  onContextMenuRequested: request.accepted = true
  //add codes here for DIY menu

buggy mouse events:

DOM bubbling exist unexpectedly in these events, also event.target==currenttarget unexpectedly in bubbling

  • mouseenter
  • mouseleave

It seems WebEngineView always simulate a pen tip drag when mouse movement happens, ie the mouse is always pressed in the following event ( mouseevent.button==0 )

  • mouseover