No dropdown options in portaudio, greyed out playback

• Sep 3, 2022 - 11:41

On Musescore V3.6.2.548020600, MAC OS version 12.4, intel based mac
I cannot play any scores, and my options are all greyed out in the i/o --> port audio settings
I attached a pic of the settings panel
I've done all of the trouble shooting at
This happens both with nothing connected to my computer (just using the macbook speakers), and with a UMC204HD interface

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You did all including the PRAM reset, and verified the Native Instruments programs are not running? If yes to both, most likely some other program is running that has a similar issue of gaining exclusive use of the audio hardware. So be sure your Mac either won't allow exclusive use to any application, or find the application that is receiving the exclusive use and close it.

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yes, I did it all, including PRAM reset. I do not have anything NI running. This occurs with literally no other applications running in the background.k
This does not occur if I run the version 4 beta, and it does still occur if I run the most recent 3.6xxxx beta.
The v4 beta is very very buggy though (as youd expect)

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If you want a functional program, definitely don't mess with nightly builds or betas. Stick to official releases - most recent being 3.6.2 - and if you continue to have trouble with playback, try the last suggestion I gave. You always have other processes running, might be system ones, but something is always running other than MsueScore or your computer would not function. So try to find the exclusivity setting I mentioned and disable it.

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As mentioned, there is no beta, but there was a build made over a year ago that is incorrectly labeled as if it were a beta. Very unfortunate, but yeah, things were extremely unstable then. The current nightly builds are much better, although of course, there are bugs. So be sure you have a nightly build and not the year-old incorrectly-labeled "beta", and if you find bugs, please report them on GitHub (might want to do a quick search to see if they are already known, though).

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