A score downloaded from MuseScore.com crashes application.

• Sep 1, 2022 - 14:28
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  1. I downloaded one of my scores from MuseScore.com (see Attachment)
  2. Opened it in MuseScore and it opened with no problems.
  3. Played it with the Playback button and stopped it.
  4. Could not do any other activities because the GUI became unresponsive and the only way to close the Application, one had to kill it.
  5. When this happened, MuseScore would not start until mscore -R was used in CLI to restore the factory settings.

I do not know, what happens here, maybe the file is somehow damaged. I am attaching the culprit.

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I am using the Linux version from an official Fedora package. At first, I was thinking that this would be a Fedora problem, but it seems it is a problem of that file. I believe that MuseScore should be able to handle corrupted files (I do not know whether this one is corrupted or not as it normally opens and plays).

The score is not currupt, at least no corruption is detected on loading the score (but that check doesn't look at parts, so indeed there could be a corrupted part). Try the attached, I removed and revreated all parts.

But as said: my MuseScore 3.6.2 doesn't crash.
Which version are you using? If anything different (and as such older), there's a good explanation why it crashes: a bug existed and has been fixed meanwhile.

Try the AppImage from the download page of this site here, this is the only supported version

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