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• Aug 30, 2022 - 08:24

With the loss of JACK support in the forthcoming Musescore 4 (and JACK already hasn't worked on Mac since 3.4), there will be no way to sync a video with playback. (

This is obviously a vital feature for anyone doing soundtrack work, and is a given for programs like Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, and Logic.

I know there are other feature requests along this line, but they're all from several years ago, and the answer always seems to be "use JACK".

I really don't want to get stuck at 3.4, especially with VST support coming in for 4.0 (which will be a game-changer once expression maps are sorted).


A possible different approach perhaps could be to have an extension (as we now had MDL) that can includes a crude video player. This offloads the "MuseScore is bloated" argument as to not burden the default package with the additional libraries required for this, while still offering an integrated solution to those that want/need it.

Second this.

The only possible workaround I can think of is I think there's a vst plugin (free if I remember rightly) that pops up a video window where the starting playback of an imported video (imported within the vst itself) is triggered by a midi note at the start of the music cue.

I cant remember the name of it, but it was something i was looking at back when exploring using a DAW that hadn't got video support at the time.

I can't remember if it had scrubbing or not (or if it knows the place in the video relative to the playback head in comparison to to midi note trigger, I seem to think it may do though, not sure?) but I seem to remember it being usable though very limited. Obviously better than nothing but yes a far cry from what video support would entail and SMPTE.

Itd be a game changer for sure if Musscore implemented video support with this version 4 release, with the other updates/innovations it would make a huge impact on the industry imo making film scoring accessible to all while causing other companies to improve their products at the same time

Same here. Found today that Musescore 4 is a beautiful program that I simply can't use.

It's unfortunate... all that is needed is an output socket for the Alsa Midi Timecode. Jack isn't necessary.

Great work! But the program is junk to me now, so I'm archiving my 3.6 appimage like a squirrel hiding nuts... before Muse makes it unavailable.

Video support is not bloat. It's 2022... this is how things have been done for media music composition over 20 years.

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All previous releases for MuseScore are available from the download page.
=> For Windows and Mac, sure. But no 'older version' for Linux. I didn't find an older Linux version, except on github.
Perhaps that download page should be reviewed anyway: e.g. the Ubuntu community package links to version 2.3!)

Also not a fan of only programming capabilities for Linux that can be used in Win or Mac (leaving out Jack, etc.)... but then focusing on VST effects that can't be used in Linux.

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