Slur Editing Mode

• Aug 28, 2022 - 16:18

Adding, editing and removing slurs can be a pain. Sometimes you need to rephrase a section with many different instruments. What if there's was another input mode for slurs?

To add slurs, you could start left-click dragging on the first and release on the last note. You could also select the first, hold shift, and then click again for the last one, kind of how normal selection works.

All bezier points (squares) would be visible, so you could drag though the squares that you want with a rectangle lasso and then use left or right arrows to edit the position (length) of all the slurs related to those points.

To remove slurs, you could Ctrl or Alt click, much like the Pen tool works in programs such as Illustrator.

Maybe more edit options could be added now that there's a separate mode for slurs. For instance click and dragging an entire slur horizontally (or click and using arrows) could nudge the start and end points 1 note to that direction.

Some of these suggestions might have already been made, I just thought I'd share my thoughts!


You can already select a range of notes and hit "S" to add a slur. Select the slur and hit delete. Or perhaps you mean if you have to go back and change a lot of things. I agree that can be a pain, and not just because of slurs.

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I'm not really seeing how dragging over several measures is faster than simply clicking one note and Shift+clicking another to select a range, but if you prefer dragging, simply hold Shift while dragging to make the range selection. You can also drag the slur endpoint and release on whatever note you wish to extend it to.

I do like the idea of Shift+click while editing the slur to quickly extend it, though! BTW, in case you weren't aware, Shift+Right extends a slur or other line one note at a time, that can occasionally be useful as well.

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Yes, that could be nice someday indeed!

Meanwhile, just in case you missed this - you already add slurs to multiple staves at once. Just select the range across all staves and press "S". You just can't change your mind about where you've added them as easily. So, maybe experiment with one such slur firs,t then when you're confident about the phrasing, just select the same range on all the rest of the staves and press "S" to add to the those as well.

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