Can I use Soft Imperial voice (Bosendorfer Imperial) with MuseScore?

• Aug 28, 2022 - 13:48

I just tried the free Soft Imperial voice from the Vienna Symphonic Library, which I think is a Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano sound.

However, all I got was Soft Imperial, and a Synchron Player and Vienna Ensemble from them to click on the piano key on the screen to hear some sound, and the PC speakers are not that great. (I was going to use the MacBook 14 or 16 inch M1 because they have good speakers, but I think only Intel Macs are supported).

So can I install MuseScore on the PC with Windows 11 and be able to play a MIDI file using the Imperial voice?

Right now I am looking at the folder

C:/Program Files/ Common Files/VST3

and it has 3 .vst3 files there...

Vienna Ensemble x64.vst3 -- about 5MB
Vienna Synchron Player Surround.vst3 -- about 52MB
Vienna Synchron Player.vst3 -- about 52MB

I thought those are Imperial voice, but from the filenames, they look like they are Vienna software Synchron and Ensemble generic voices...

Can somebody tell me how to use those voice in MuseScore and can they be used in Garageband or Logic Pro on the Mac?


I just saw in

/Users/Public/Public Documents/VSL Content/Free Soft Imperial - ilok

there are 2 files

HELLO_SoftImperial_Main.syvolume about 2.5GB
HELLO_SoftImperial_Patches.syvolume 1.9MB

so I think this is more like the voice files, but I am not sure how to use them.

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