Automatic placement not respected

• Aug 24, 2022 - 20:36

I have learned the hard way that in many cases I need to remove automatic placement from lines and slurs in my scores. That's OK. What annoys me is that when I make even small changes (like adding a missing accidental), MuseScore has to rejigger the measures in a system slightly and in doing so it resets the automatic placement option (i.e., restoring what I had deliberately removed).

For instance, I often need to use vertical lines. After a reset as described above, the lines are put back to horizontal and placed some distance from where I wanted them. These are a big nuisance to fix. Even if they ended up a little off in terms of placement, it would be easier for me if they stayed vertical. I can understand why MuseScore may need to respace elements on a system in response to changes, but it seems to me that if the user has specifically said 'no automatic placement' for a specific item, that should be respected. Thoughts?


Normally, if you turn off autoplace, it should stay off. The main case I can think where it might not is if a change to the layout means a line that previously fit on a single system now needs to extend across two, or vice versa. Since the autoplace property is managed independently for the individual segments of a multi-system line, converting from multiple to single systems does create a situation where information can apparently get lost.

Aside from that though, you shouldn't be seeing autoplace turn itself on or off. if you have a case where it does, please attach the score and give steps to reproduce the problem.

BTW, any particular reason you are using lines with autoplace disabled rather than for example, symbols from the Symbol palette, or Unicode text from Special Characters? There can be advantages occasionally, but in many cases, one of those other methods would work better.

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