Is there a casual input mode?

• Aug 23, 2022 - 07:24

Is there like a casual note input method? That is, I can causally tap on the keyboard and have the MIDI send back and record every note.

The Real-Time Automatic mode seems to work the best ( ) except
1. It starts a metronome, which can be disturbing if I just want to play some notes and not care about how long each note is at first
2. I found that if I play Doe Ray Me, but if I play it too fast, the Ray may not be recorded and is replaced by the Me... so that's not what I wanted...
3. Also, if I leave the finger on the Me for too long, it creates many notes for Me and I have to edit to remove them all but one later on. I just hope maybe it leaves a Me one beat or two beat (and can grow)... instead of many notes there

I mean in a way, kind of like Garbageband which can let me play some tunes, and worry about the duration later and can let me edit.

Is there a way to do this?


How about the default step-time mode? Since you don't really care about rhythm it shouldn't really bother you that everything is just quarter notes then.

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oh it almost worked... except if I play the notes a little fast, then all the notes go onto the same stick and is like 3 grapes on one branch... the notes I played were really separated by 0.2s or 0.3s, and on Garageband, they'd clearly show as one after another.

I thought one making it 1/8 beat note, so my speed will be way over 1/8 beat so the notes I played would be distinct... but nope, it still happens... and then I thought about make the tempo super fast, like 1 beat = 1200... but nope... it still happened too...

There probably is a way to make them all distinct notes?

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In step-time input your playing speed/duration selection is irrelevant. The only thing that matter is that the notes don't overlap (otherwise you'd indeed get chord build-up).
MuseScore doesn't quantify or time here.

So it just sounds like for what you're doing you might want to indeed use a sequencer/capture program first. Then possibly quantify in there and only after that import it into MuseScore.

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After some experiment, it seems like the rule is this: if I play Doe Ray Me, but in fact I totally release the Doe before I hit the Ray, then the two notes would appear on different sticks. However, if I play Doe, and wait for 1 or 2 or even 3 seconds, and not release the Doe, and hit the Ray, then the two notes appear on the same stick.

So it is not related to how fast the notes are played... now I think if in Garageband, if I press Doe and not release it, and after 1 second and press Ray, they do appear as two different tapping (with the correct time separation)...

So can I get this same behavior on MuseScore?

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